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Vision: Getting Your iPad Ready for Your Student with Low Vision, Part 1

Presented by Robert Taylor, Ed.S, Outreach Educator/Technologist, Kansas State School for the Blind

Access, Vision: What Every Teacher Should Know about Students with Low Vision

Presented by Tessa McCarthy, Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh

Behavior: MN PBIS: Functional Behavior Assessments, Tier 3 and Behavior Intervention Planning

Presented by Ron Lake, Climate Coordinator, Duluth Public Schools and MDE PBIS Regional Coach

Behavior: MN PBIS: Functional Behavior Assessments, Tier 2

Presented by Ron Lake, Climate Coordinator, Duluth Public Schools and MDE PBIS Regional Coach

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Other Links: Pennsylvania's Initiative on Assistive Technology (PIAT)

Assists with access and acquisition of AT devices and services in Pennsylvania.

Other Links: Assistive Technology for Kansans

This is the statewide Assistive Technology program which as AT Access Sites in Oakley, Wic...

Shared Material: Transition: Building Bridges to the Future

In-depth manual describing a collaboration between 6 agencies in the Chicago area whose go...

Shared Material: Building Bridges to the Future Spanish version

Spanish version of brochure describing the Building Bridges to the Future program, a colla...

Shared Material: Transition: Building Bridges to the Future Brochure

Brief description of the Building Bridges to the Future program, a collaboration of 6 non-...

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This includes the availability of Closed Captions for videos.   In addition videos may now be played on mobile devices.  Quizzes and presentations still are limited to desktops and non-apple mobile devices.  Please be sure to view the welcome video in the Online Classroom for more information about using the new Online Classroom features.   

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Teachers...  You Can Now Earn Graduate Credit by
Watching Infinitec Autism Videos

Thanks to a partnership between Infinitec and Midwest Teacher Institute, Infinitec members can now earn three hours of graduate credit for completing MTI-543 -Understanding Autism which includes 10 videos from the Infinitec Online Classroom.  Get the details, click here.


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Duck Duck Moose Apps Now FREE!
August 26, 2016, 2:47 PM UTC

front of school bus (icon for Wheels on the Bus app)The staff of Duck Duck Moose, the creator of wonderful, engaging preschool apps has joined Kahn Academy. Duck Duck Moose is donating their 21 apps -  which means each and every one is now free! Most of their apps are for preschoolers and early elementary, ages 2-7, but they also have some for older kids, Pet Bingo (ages 5-10) and Wizard School (ages 6-12). I personally ranked these apps high on my list ...

Tar Heel Gameplay
August 24, 2016, 4:42 PM UTC

ABCsMany of you are familiar with Tar Heel Reader. Now there's Tar Heel Gameplay.  This website makes it so simple to create switch activities using your students' favorite videos.  You simply add the YouTube video link, and identify the intervals for pausing the video that require a switch hit. You also add the prompts that the screen will show when pausing.  TaDa! That's it.  

Android Apps for Complex Communication Support Needs
August 24, 2016, 4:39 PM UTC

wheel with links to Android AppsThis wheel from CALL Scotland has links to communication apps for Android users.  Apps are categorized as Communication Supports, Full Communication Systems and Simple Communication. 

Pokemon Go (Android and iOS)
August 24, 2016, 4:40 PM UTC

Pokemon Go app iconPokemon Go has become quite the rage in a very short time. According to LifeHacker, "It is a free game where you walk to places in the real world to collect in-game supplies and characters." Here are two articles: A Parent's Guide to Playing Pokemon Go with Your Kids and <...

5 iOS Accessibility Features Every Learner Should Know
August 24, 2016, 4:41 PM UTC

Apple computer iconLuis Perez, one of our frequent webinar presenters has created an infographic highlighting 5 iOS accessbility features that benefit a wide range of learners.  See the descriptions plus links to tutorials for each feature by clicking here.

Group Buys are Arriving
August 24, 2016, 4:41 PM UTC

ballons with dollar symbol lifting character off groundGroup Buys for FY17 now include Attainment, Don Johnston, Cadan and N2Y. Illinois includes TeachTown. Check out the Group Buy section under the Member Center tab. 

Executive Function App Matrix
August 24, 2016, 4:43 PM UTC

change ahead words on road signThis Matrix of Apps provides educators and families with an overview of major features of available apps addressing executive function. It was developed by AT Specialists Diana Petschauer and Stacy Driscoll as a hand-out for the webinar, AT and App Support Executive Function: Middle School through Post-Secondary presented for CTD. Permission to reproduce ...

Apps to Support a Successful Transition
August 24, 2016, 4:44 PM UTC

Wheel with links to apps for transitionThis app wheel from Mark Coppin identifies apps for transition age students including Vocational, Reading, Writing, and Study Supports plus Daily Living and Organization apps.  You can also find it under our Transition resourcesMore >>

Read&Write Offers New Languages
February 08, 2016, 3:04 PM UTC

Logo for Read & Write For all you Chrome users of Read&Write Google: New languages for translation now include French, Portuguese, Bahasa Melayu (Malaysian) and the long-standing Spanish.  

Word Prediction Feature Match
August 24, 2016, 4:44 PM UTC

cartoon girl hunched over typewriterHere is an updated side-by-side comparison of the features of various writing apps that have word prediction. If you're trying to decide which app is best for your student, take a look here first. The PDF version is found in Downloads - Shared Material - Writing.

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